Robin Li

Liran Choh DiPasquo
Born at home
9/26/08 @ 3:25 pm
9 pounds and 12 ounces ~ 20” long

A quote from Robin’s Thank you note to me:

“Dear Shiela,
It’s a challenge for me to express the gratitude I feel for having you be the person who accompanied me through Liran’s birth. He is a beautiful, robust, healthy boy and that by itself makes me feel more thankful than words, and I know Dan feels the same way.

I want to thank you for myself, as a person, a woman, a mother and as a physically imperfect body that had to be called upon to do something of complete perfection. I can’t imagine the experience without your guidance, skill and absolute kindness. You were the exact friend I needed, literally holding my hand and making me feel like everything was going to be ok. Through the whole day and night (of Liran’s birth), I don’t remember feeling afraid.

Instead, I remember the blue of the tub, the warm water and lavender scented air blowing from the sunny open windows. I remember feeling strong and certain that everything was just as it should be, that me and my baby were going to be just fine. This memory of childbirth is such a gift, that I will have with me my whole life, and that Liran will have too.”

Shiela made our late transition from hospital maternity care to midwifery care easy and, once we did, there was no looking back. Except perhaps to ask ourselves why didn’t we do this from the beginning?

She was deeply devoted to the care of my wife and our baby and tireless in her effort to involve me in the process. The day of my son’s birth we saw both Shiela’s professionalism and her commitment to a safe and memorable birth. She’ll always be a special part of such a momentous occasion.

Dan DiPasquo, Liran’s Papa