Marina Budovsky Tselner

Samuel David Tselner.
Born in the water
4/02/09 @ 1:25pm
7 pounds 6 ounces ~ 20inches

Our birth was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to do it again. My husband and I talk about it frequently as it gives us much strength and courage to move forward as parents. The birth was a perfectly peaceful and graceful way to welcome our baby into this world. Sometimes when we talk about it, our baby gives us the warmest smile like he remembers very well what happened.

All this being said, the birth remained challenging at times but we were never scared. I was loud and vocal when I wanted and it felt great! Both my husband and I felt well prepared in our journey, through literature, classes, yoga, meditation and nutrition. All these modes of preparation made themselves felt during the birth as frequent reminders that we were in a good place.

Most importantly, we found enormous support in our midwife and remained confident that we were in great hands throughout the pregnancy and especially during the birth. Shiela’s approach is very empowering. For all the suggestions she made, I never felt like anything was pushed on me. I felt safe and comfortable in all my choices. She really helped us to shape and own this very special experience.

Shiela also has wonderful bedside manners. My husband and I appreciate this so much. Where some other practitioners made us anxious or worried, Shiela always knew what to say so that I would understand and still feel comfortable. Her presence was always reassuring, grounding and calm.

But birth is an exceptionally physical journey, and it was important to me that our midwife’s manual skills and techniques were as solid as her presence. And Shiela totally fits this profile! Her touch is caring and confident, which goes a long way with these kinds of things.
The hardest part for me was probably the pushing but I remember it as funny and warm. When I asked for more help, Shiela was there right away with a great suggestion and this really brought me through to the end. I remember looking into her eyes for a long time right before my son was born. She didn’t shy away, but really met the intensity.

We’ve come to think of Shiela as our guardian angel. Her contribution to our birth and pregnancy was everything it needed to be. I can’t thank her enough.

— Marina Budovsky Tselner, Sam’s Mama