Kate Watson

Charlotte Mary California Watson
AKA: Lottie
Born at home
10/19/2008 @ 10:55 pm
8 pounds ~ 19.5 inches

I could write about how wonderful Shiela is for hours and hours. She is a truly special and gifted midwife and her care, advice, support and love for me and my baby and family have been overwhelming from the first prenatal visit to the return phone calls she made responding to the various worries and concerns we had about our daughter post partum. Throughout the various ups and downs of my pregnancy and labour (to be fair there were very few downs although a possible case of pre-eclampsia then an hour long crowning phase in labour were challenging!!) Shiela remained so positive, supportive, gentle, smiling and full of comforting, helpful words and suggestions to both me and my husband.

Shiela places real importance on the wellbeing of both parents, physically and emotionally and she always knew when I needed to talk about something pre and post birth and these conversations helped me enormously mentally and emotionally.
She has a beautiful connection with your baby – both in the tummy and out and was full of non-stop positive affirmations and praise for me during my pregnancy, labour and postpartum which have helped me remain incredibly positive throughout.

Our homebirth was amazing – very intense and exhausting but I wouldn’t call it painful. So much of our success with the hypnobirthing was down to me and my husband feeling soooooo safe and trusting with Shiela – she has the perfect balance of using intuition along with medical data and was extremely professional and thorough every step of the way – with us, our baby and the other midwife and doula in our birth team.

We are from the UK but are considering staying in the US for longer in order to have our next child with Shiela in a couple of years time – can’t get a better reference than that!

I’m actually feeling all emotional and overwhelmed writing about Shiela now (my daughter is 4 months old today) as I feel so honoured and grateful and happy that she was the person who connected with me, my husband and my baby during our pregnancy, birth and continues to do so now – in the words of Shiela herself – she’s a rockstar!

— Kate Watson, Lottieā€™s Mama