Our journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with Shiela was powerful, transformational, and magical. A prenatal appointment held so much more than just measuring my belly and listening to fetal heart tones – laughing at the new quirks of my changing body, processing my dreams, answering my husband’s questions, visioning our birth plan, listening to the baby’s energy, etc.

Shiela’s patience and trust was felt the first day we met her. Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with genuine warmth and caring made every visit a pleasure.

I chose Shiela as my midwife because of her obvious trust in the three of us’ ability to figure out any challenge together. In a world that believes doctors know best, Shiela is a breath of fresh air. She is very knowledgeable in all things western medicine considers important for a safe birth, but she is committed to the inner wisdom of the mom, body and soul.

water birth

Shiela became my midwife during my third month. She always took time during her visit to get to know me and my needs, often staying longer than scheduled for each visit. By the time I was in labor, not only did we know each other and I feel comfortable with her, but she was a dear friend in whom I completely trusted. She knew mine and my partner’s needs and expectations, my medical history and my expectations for the birth. I honestly could not have asked for a better birth experience.

I want to thank you for myself, as a person, a woman, a mother and as a physically imperfect body that had to be called upon to do something of complete perfection. I can’t imagine the experience without your guidance, skill and absolute kindness. You were the exact friend I needed, literally holding my hand and making me feel like everything was going to be ok. Through the whole day and night (of Liran’s birth), I don’t remember feeling afraid.

I could write about how wonderful Shiela is for hours and hours. She is a truly special and gifted midwife and her care, advice, support and love for me and my baby and family have been overwhelming from the first prenatal visit to the return phone calls she made responding to the various worries and concerns we had about our daughter post partum. Throughout the various ups and downs of my pregnancy and labour (to be fair there were very few downs although a possible case of pre-eclampsia then an hour long crowning phase in labour were challenging!!) Shiela remained so positive, supportive, gentle, smiling and full of comforting, helpful words and suggestions to both me and my husband.

Our birth was an amazing experience. I can’t wait to do it again. My husband and I talk about it frequently as it gives us much strength and courage to move forward as parents. The birth was a perfectly peaceful and graceful way to welcome our baby into this world. Sometimes when we talk about it, our baby gives us the warmest smile like he remembers very well what happened.