Comadres Midwifery Services

Serving the North Bay of San Francisco

Comadres is a full spectrum out-of-hospital based midwifery practice located in Sonoma County.  Comadres holds the strong intention to co-create with the families we care for with comprehensive, personalized midwifery care that holds your sovereignty, wisdom, vulnerability & deepest desires at the heart of our practice. We serve families of all forms with the same skill and loving care who are considered clinically low-risk & desirous of claiming their health care choices as their own. We hold the strong belief in pregnancy and birth as a normal, naturally occurring event which presents the ultimate opportunity for personal and collective transformation. In this spirit, we will provide you with our comprehensive scope of practice, educate you throughout the process to make informed choices and be your guide through the gateway of birth into the lifelong experience of parenting.

Shiela became my midwife during my third month. She always took time during her visit to get to know me and my needs, often staying longer than scheduled for each visit. By the time I was in labor, not only did we know each other and I feel comfortable with her, but she was a dear friend in whom I completely trusted. She knew mine and my partner’s needs and expectations, my medical history and my expectations for the birth. I honestly could not have asked for a better birth experience.

— Willow Osborn

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